Repairing an Endband

This video made me curious: how do you set a book when sewing an endband? Here the book is set with the spine facing the bookbinder. I was told to put it the other way around. Please join the conversation!

The video was made during the course Techniques of restoration of historical leather bindings (“Técnicas de restauración de encuadernaciones históricas en piel”) taught by Arsenio Sánchez Hernampérez, conservator of the National Library of Spain (Biblioteca Nacional de España).

The other thing that made me cringe is that the bookbinder in this video puts the needle in the book block so close to the endband. Once again, I was taught to do it almost at the front edge of the book, where the pages are not pressed as much to each other as near the spine (hence the opposite setting of the tome, I guess). This way there is less chance to damage the edge. Especially iа the top or the bottom edge is guided or painted.

Photos show making a new book, not repairing an old one. Still, I don’t see there should be any difference in the process. What do you think?

Update: Please also check the discussion of Facebook.

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