This is Your Chance to Buy a Scout Model Cantilevered Sewing Frame

You’ve got a chance to buy 1 of the 3 remaining Scout Model Cantilevered Sewing Frames from Timothy C. Ely.

Here is a message he has shared on his Facebook feed:

We have made about 60 of these and they are in use all over the world. MDF base laminated to formica, hollow steel tube, mirror, page holder, thread and needle bar, register points at each side so you can square from the head or tail of the book. 14 inches between the upright bars, which are at the back so your hands are free to sew.


  • Spring steel Anubis Clips© hold sewing supports in perfect tension. Will hold cord, tape, thongs and braids.
  • Rear view mirror allows a view of what is normally hidden during sewing.
  • Infinitely adjustable page holder keeps section open for sewing, swings out of the way for adding next section.
  • Acrylic sliding fence moves into position for squaring either head or tail, then slides of of way for sewing.
  • Hardwood bar with pegs holds several spools of cord or thread
  • Stable, laminate-covered base sits firmly on the bench.
  • Horizontal steel cross bar raises and lowers with a simple movement.
  • No vertical struts in front to get in the way of sewing.
  • Lower clip set-up allows for sewing on a continuous tape or cord.
  • Ideal in classrooms: unfinished text blocks can be easily removed from the frame and re-rigged later.
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required.
  • Can be disassembled for storage or travel.
  • Scout – 16″ x 12″ x 13″ high.

A more detailed description:

The Planetary Collage sewing frame is the result of two years R & D to create an apparatus which would make the task of hand sewing and forwarding more simple and elegant. The features on the new frame provide a platform for sound, firm sewing and the mirror makes visible the process both inside the book sections and at the spine. The Anubis Clip [patent pending] creates a perfect tension for cord, tape, thong or braided sewing support and the page holder and fence enable the binder to sew a perfectly true book block without supplementary weights and squares.

The frame is made of the best possible materials and is designed for many lifetimes. Both sides, top and bottom, are surfaced in moisture proof laminate, easily cleaned, which will always keep the large base of the frame flat. The steel construction is very strong yet light, the whole machine weighing in at twenty pounds. The cross bar will hold thread, cord and can be easily rigged with an under counter light fixture for supplementary illumination [not provided]. The frame dismantles easily should you want to pack it up for a workshop or beach trip.

You will find that your book sewing can take on an air of experimentation and spontaneity due to the ease of rigging the frame or even stopping midway through a project. It is easily set up or taken down even with a project underway. Students have found new sewing patterns simply because the vertical supports are out of the way so all you are doing is concentrating on sewing.

The Planetary Collage Sewing Frame DREADNAUGHT model, measures 24 x16 at the base and is 17 inches high. It comes complete with cross bar for sundries, mirror and fence [Transparent, Virgin Blue, Biohazard orange, Haze Filter yellow and Rose City red.– your choice] You also get 12 Anubis Clips and a full box of base clips. Custom sizes and laminate colors will be available.

The smaller SCOUT (that’s the one on sale) model measures 16 x 12 inches and is 13 inches tall. It utilizes many of the features of the Dreadnaught but is thought of as the entry level model. for its smaller size the SCOUT model will allow the creation of professionally sewn books.

Price: 425$ (I suppose shipping is not included).

For more information, please contact Timothy C. Ely:

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