“Gutenberg & After” Exhibition at Princeton University Library Explores the Early Printed Books

There are under 50 complete or mostly complete Gutenberg Bibles known to exist today. One of them was a part of William H. Scheide library, that was donated to Princeton in 2015. And it is one of only three books remaining in the original binding.

The Gutenberg Bible from what today is the Scheide Library at Princeton and many other incunables are shown at a new exhibition in the Ellen and Leonard Milberg Gallery. “Gutenberg & After: Europe’s First Printers 1450-1470” showcases many treasures from the era of European first printers. While the cornerstones of the exhibition are the Gutenberg Bible of 1455 and the 1457 Mainz Psalter, it includes many volumes on loan from other collections.

Besides Princeton, books arrived from Cambridge University Library, the John Rylands Library of the University of Manchester, the Devonshire Collections in Chatsworth House, Columbia University Library, the Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary, the Morgan Library & Museum, New York Public Library, the Newberry Library, and the Bridwell Library of Southern Methodist University. Some of the books provided by the English institution have never before been exhibited in the United States, and a number of loans from other US libraries have never before left the walls of the organizations where they are held.

An online version of this exhibition will be made available on dpul.princeton.edu.

Dates: From September 9th through December 15th, 2019. Open daily from noon to 6 p.m.

Address: One Washington Road Princeton, NJ 08544-2098 USA

Further Reading

Recently we posted about another Gutenberg Bible. One of twelve remaining vellum copies was exhibited in Moscow earlier this year. You will find our report from the exhibition here.

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