Studying Gold Tooling – Third Lesson

This Sunday I had a third gold tooling class at my workshop. Once again I wasn’t a teacher, but a student. I’m really glad I had a chance to arrange this series of lessons at my studio and join them to learn something new.

One of the things I wanted to try this time were the new tools I’ve recently received from Kevin Noakes. I’ve ordered a simple line fillet and another tool with iBookBinding logo. Both were quite popular among my classmates during the class =)

I’m not an experienced gold tooling professional, and the results could be much better. However, I really liked how the tools are made and how they lay in hand.

Some blind tooling:

Here comes the gold:

Other students were using the line fillet and other tools:

Heating tools:

Chronicles of Narnia in Romania goat leather:

I’ve used the single line fillet along with this “Fool’s Tool”. I’ve been taught to make it by Don Glaister at the American Academy of Bookbinding two years ago. I’ve already used it quite a lot with foil, but it was tool’s debut with the real gold.

Simple lines on the spine and sort of smiley patterns on the cover:

Here are the results of work of other students:

The one with the house was the first try of freehand gold tooling for my classmate. Pretty impressive! I would try to post a short video about it a bit later.

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