Digitized Book: A Guide to Beginners in the Art of Illumination (Albert H. Warren, 1860)

It’s time to share this month’s digitized books. Both of them will be dedicated to illumination and both were published in the middle of the 19th century. Today’s book is A Guide to Beginners in the Art of Illumination by A. H. Warren.

I found this convoluted volume of five books dedicated to illumination on the book market in the Hague. And I like this collection, especially as some of these bound together books aren’t often available for sale.

  • A Guide to Beginners in the Art of Illumination by Albert H. Warren
  • On ornamental art, applied to ancient and modern bookbinding (by Joseph Cundall). Read to the meeting of the Society of Arts held November 1847.
  • 16 text pages + 21 plates. Published by House of the Society of Arts (London), 1860.
  • If you find any OCR errors, please send us a message.

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