Marbled Velour Paper – Heaven for Visual & Kinesthetic Persons Alike!

I wanted to share this with you for several weeks already, but some other things always intervened. I received a lot of nice bookish presents from all over the world this past holiday season. But these pieces of marbled velour paper were the most gratifying by far!

They were a part of a present sent to me by Nancy Trottier – proprietor of Trottier Calligraphy Studio & Ducks In A Row Press in Deep River (Ontario, Canada.)

I used a similar paper during my bookbinding classes for kids. I’m not sure whether that was suede or velour paper, but on that specific occasion that didn’t matter. And I never thought about what marbling that sort of material would result in.

While well-known marbling swirls would definitely give satisfaction to people, who prefer visual input, the soft feeling of the surface would cater to a kinesthetic person. But then imagine what happens when you combine these two sensations.

I was blown away. One of the most engaging artsy presents I ever received!

So, here is my advice: if you have never tried marbling velour paper – go and do it right away!

Some other goodies from the package:

You can find Trottier Calligraphy Studio & Ducks In A Row Press on Facebook as well: