Melting Down Beeswax

I’ve just received a new batch of beeswax from my supplier. Yesterday was dedicated to melting and re-melting all that stuff to make it cleaner.

I love the process. It really is a bit tedious. However, the smell is insanely good and you just have some relaxing time melting and pouring beeswax. You should be careful not to burn yourself, but that’s the only downside.

If you need some beeswax, you can make an order at our Etsy store:

Here is what I’ve got from my supplier. Initially it was a 10 kg beeswax wheel, but he broke it to sell by kilo.

Here is the current result. Beeswax still needs to be melted at least once more to get rid of all the dirt and additions.

Smiley face beeswax =)

Final stacks of formed beeswax:

Just a couple of photos from our Etsy store:

Here is a short time lapse video I’ve made some time ago. That’s how the beeswax cools down.

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