An Anime Series For Those Who Love Books and Bookmaking

If you’re not already a fan, you likely think anime is all about fantastical adventures or about highly idealized life. But a new anime television series turns all of these expectations on their head, offering a wonderful visual journey of bookmaking for those like us who love books and everything about them. 

Ascendance of a Bookworm (out in Japan on October 2nd, 2019) chronicles a deep, passionate love of books. It manages to capture the process of bookmaking, to convey the significance of literature to our lives, and to do justice to what it’s like to love something deeply. Those of you who watch it will find a slightly fantastical setting that is real to us for the love of books it captures so perfectly. 

The original print series, a wildly popular light novel (a stand-alone illustrated anime novel) written by Miya Kazuki and illustrated by Yō Shiina, chronicles the adventures of a bonafide bookworm, whose one dying wish to reincarnate somewhere with lots of books is completely ignored as she is reborn in a world where books simply do not exist. Upon finding herself in this world, she is driven by her unyielding passion for books to singlehandedly bring into the world that which it so sorely lacks, and sets out to make books a reality. 

The series is considered very realistic and is adored by its reader because of how well it manages to capture the unique focus of the main character’s imagination as well as the practical ways in which she goes about correcting the absence she perceives in the world. 

Check out the trailer, and for those who aren’t interested in the print series (available online), or are interested in both, wait until October to see this much-awaited series come to life on TV!

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