History of the Early Printed Book Fellowships for Foreigners in Antwerp, Belgium

For those of our readers with academic interests in books and all things book related, we are pleased to draw your attention to an exciting fellowship programme that will provide grants for two eligible applicants to travel to Antwerp and conduct research there on the history of the early printed book (15th-18th century).

These two grants are being offered jointly by two of Antwerp’s most interesting bookish institutions: the Plantin-Moreus Museum and the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library. The Museum is based on the preserved publishing house of the influential printing families of Plantin and Moretus. It houses an impressive collection of rare and old books and prints accessible through a well-serviced reading room. The Library is a truly impressive locus of Flemish culture with a collection which dates back to 1481 and spans over 1.5 million items.

Both institutions will provide expert research assistance to each recipient in exchange for a short article or interview that will be used for social outreach. Additionally, each recipient will have the opportunity to conduct an “on-site workshop” with their research materials for the students and researchers of Antwerp University.

We encourage anyone with a well-developed interest in the subject to apply! Applicants should note that they must send a research proposal (750-1500 words), a CV, two letters of recommendation, and a budget proposal to Steven Van Impe of the Hendrik Library ([email protected]) before the deadline of September 1st, 2019. Also, please note that the grant is only available to people who reside at least 250 km from Antwerp and that applicants in Europe may request up to 2000 € while those living outside may request up to 3000 €.

Those interested should check out the announcement posting for more details on the programme and how to apply.

Good luck!

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