Lights, Tunnels, Passages, and Shadows

Multi-media artist Maureen Catbagan has a new work exhibited in the Centre For Book Arts, New York, USA. Lights, Tunnels, Passages & Shadows examines the peripheral spaces in museums and finds a certain transcendence there. Reserve your visit online.

The photographic series is featured in a boxed folio containing three fold-outs, enabling the images to be arranged and re-assembled into multiple different abstract narratives. Because these fold-outs have multiple different display options, they act as architectural interventions illustrating that while the marginal is designated towards boundaries, it can also be the edge towards boundlessness.

Lights, Tunnels, Passages & Shadows shows from Apr 16–Jun 26, 2021.

Catbagan is a Filipinx American artist based in New York City. Their art involves social collectivism, examines relations between identity and experience, and explores new forms of empowerment.

Catbagan has exhibited in venues such as ARoS Museum in Denmark, Witte de Withe Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, and The Contemporary Museum of Honolulu.

Their current collaborative work with artist Jevijoe Vitug and sound artist Sholeh Asgary focuses on immigrant experience within the context of labor and visibility.

Source: Lights, Tunnels, Passages & Shadows

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