Powell’s ‘Eau De Bookstore’ Fragrance Offers the Scent of Bookshops

The iconic Powell’s bookstore in Portland Oregon has released a unisex fragrance to evoke the comforting scent of bookshops in a year where nobody could go to them. “Powell’s by Powell’s,” is a fragrance designed to invoke ‘a labyrinth of books; secret libraries; ancient scrolls; and cognac swilled by philosopher-kings,’ as they say on their website.

“Powell’s by Powell’s is a wonderful reminder of one of the many things bibliophiles love about independent bookstores like Powell’s, especially at a time when local and independent retailers are taking a sustained hit from Amazon and other giant online retailers,” store owner Emily Powell said in a statement. “This scent contains the lives of countless heroes and heroines. Apply to the pulse points when seeking sensory succor or a brush with immortality.”

Retailing at $24.99, the perfume has hints of violet, wood, and biblichor and is presented in a faux book for your bookshelf.

Biblichor is a newly constructed word that combines the Greek words biblio (book) with ichor (the liquid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods). Essentially it describes that musty book smell that we all know and love.

Visit the Powell’s Bookstore website for full ordering details.

Right image: Tom Woodward CC BY-SA

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