Available Now: Molds for Paper of Custom Shapes

The work on new designs and updates of already available items never stops. A recent addition to our Etsy shop is a range of papermaking molds that allow you to make paper with different outlines: basic geometric shapes and much more!

This is an offshoot of a project with 3d-printed molds and shaped paper we are working on at the moment. Hopefully, we would be able to share some results with you pretty soon. But even this new update to our stock is exciting enough and was asked for by some of our customers for some time.

First, we added three sizes of square molds: for 10×10 cm sheets of paper, 20×20 cm sheets of paper, and 30×30 sheets of paper.

The molds that allow you to make paper of other geometrical shapes are compatible with the ones about and are priced the same. At the moment round and hexagonal shapes were tested. However, there are almost no limits to what may be 3d-printed.

If you’d like to save a bit, we have an additional offer: spare molds sold without deckles. You need to buy only one full set with mold and deckle, and all other molds would be compatible with the same size of the deckle.

And, of course, each of these molds may be ordered with a watermark of your design!

Below you will find a demonstration of how our simplified papermaking mold and deckle work:

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