Making Paper with Watermarks with a 3D-Printed Mould

All these past months since I bought my first 3d-printed I’ve been experimenting with making different tools and jigs for bookbinding and other crafts. But one of the things I wanted to try since the very beginning of that creative process was to make moulds for papermaking.

Ever since the first time I made a book some 10 years ago, papermaking was something that I thought I should try. But there always were some other things to do, some other priorities.

With my second 3d-printer allowing to make objects up to 20×20 cm in size I decided it is finally a good time to print a papermaking mould. And I did it. Now it serves as a box for some small miscellanea. As it appeared, I forgot that I have to get the newly cast sheet of paper out of the mould/deckle somehow. I tried one more time and the second design had separatable mould and deckle, but there were some other problems with it. And I moved to other things I needed to do at that moment.

A year later, after our move to the Netherlands, I finally returned to that old project. No surprise, that I made the same mistake twice and the new version of the mould was in one piece with the deckle. Still, the overall design was much better and I was able to make some paper. And now I am able to print objects up to 40×40 cm in sizes. This allows making moulds for A4 sheets of paper!

Below is a video about making the mould. As a bonus, I added the footage I shot while I was making the paper.

The latest version allowed for the mould to be easily separated from the deckle. Finally!

I hope that fellow papermakers would leave some comments and give me an advice on how to make this set better.

Mould and deckle with watermarks is already available at our Etsy store in two sizes:

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