Making Shaped Paper with Shaped Papermaking Molds

Cutting shaped paper? That’s boring! Much more fun making paper in a way that it is already shaped to the desired pattern right from the very beginning — when the papermaking mold forms it.

That’s what was the main idea of an experiment, that in reality, is a continuation of our 3d-printed papermaking molds project.

When last year, we started designing and selling 3d-printed molds for making paper, the initial idea was to make the process of creating watermarked paper easier and cheaper. With 3d-printing, it’s much easier to turn almost any design into a watermark.

But it’s always interesting to go one step further. So the next idea was to design molds for shaped paper. The results are already quite promising, even while there are still many things to figure out. For example, how deep should the depression in the mold be to get paper of different density? Well, only future experiments will answer these questions.

And it retains that amazing artisanal deckled edge! What could be better?

If you are interested in the molds or the shaped paper, we sell both at our shop. And you can order paper made to almost any shape of your design and different sizes! However, if you want your paper to have lots of holes like lace, it may be more expensive compared to filled shapes without holes (see some samples in this post.) Of course, both the molds and the paper can be made with watermarks of your design.

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