Paper Rag Crisis of the 21st Century – The Last Traditional Papermaker

I’m a bit disturbed by the titles like “The last traditional papermaker,” or “The last bookbinder of New York.” These titles are misleading and untrue. However, that’s how the video is headlined. Nevertheless, it is kind and makes us to think about our modern world.

The problem the artisan paper industry is facing is that there are more and more clothes made with synthetic materials. This leaves papermakers without the primary source of fibers: linen rags and offcuts.

By the way, that’s not the first time our civilization faces a paper rag crisis. In 17-century Europe, the invention of the printing press and exponential growth of publications (including books and newspapers) led to shortages of paper’s source material of the time – linen rags.

How will we science our way out of the current crisis? Just by going paperless? Hope that’s not the only solution.

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