Printers’ Marks: A Chapter in the History of Typography

With every new digitized book I want to say: this week I found something even more beautiful than before! For how long could that possibly continue? Printers’ Marks by W. Roberts is a beautiful reference book with lots of illustrations published in 1893.

The oldest verified printers’ mark dates back to 1462. Fust and Schoeffer, printers from Meinz, used it in a Bible. These marks were used almost since the first years of printing. There is an earlier example in their Mainz Psalter (1457). However, it is suspected to be a later addition. In any case, they were the first printers to use such an instrument for protecting from piracy, that also served as a symbol of quality.

Below you will find some of the illustrations, as well as the table of contents. Mark of Fust and Schoeffer may also be found in Printers’ Marks by W. Roberts.

Another thing that is always very useful with that sort of books is the list of the recommended literature.

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And here is the table of contents:

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