Embroidering Japanese Style Notebooks with Veins, 3D Mesh Modelling and Insects

Greek artist Chara creates beautiful hand-made Japanese style embroidered notepads which look incredibly 3D despite being made solely from thread and card.

Featured work includes veins on skulls and human bodies which resemble modern anatomy diagrams, 3-Dimensional mesh fish and insects, scientific worm-holes and numerous floral and oriental inspired designs.

View her gallery below and make sure to check out more of her work on her Facebook page, Pinterest! page and also her dedicated ETSY shop where you can purchase a handmade book of your own.

Since I personally use notebooks all the time, and make my own embroidered accessories, I had the idea to combine my two loves and create embroidered notebooks.

It requires dedication and lots of patience to avoid damaging the paper. But the result is worth the pain, I think! – About FabulousCatPapers

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