3D-Printed Mold – Making Paper with the Japanese Wave Pattern

Last Friday, I had to make some paper to test recently designed and printed papermaking molds with the Japanese wave pattern. One of the molds was a novelty for our shop — it’s designed to make A6-sized sheets of paper.

And while many of us are self-isolating these days, I decided to make this papermaking session public, talk about our 3d-printed molds, the differences in the designs of simplified molds and their counterparts with more classic designs, shaped paper, and other things. And answer some questions from our Instagram followers.

Check all the sorts of molds available in our shop!

So, here is the video. Below the video, you’ll find the table of contents with the timestamps. The next live stream on Instagram will probably happen this Tuesday in the late evening, Amsterdam time. I plan to add some news sections to my infinity journal that I made for my study at the American Academy of Bookbinding five years ago.

  • 00:36 (these links open on YouTube) – Meshes inspired by the Japanese wave pattern
  • 02:18 – Making paper with an A6-sizes mold
  • 02:40 – Making round paper
  • 05:54 – Difference between the simplified papermaking molds and the 3d-printed molds inspired by the classic wood and wire molds
  • 11:04 – Molds for making paper of odd shapes: tag and firtree
  • 16:19 – Meshes inspired by the Japanese Asanoha pattern
  • 24:08 – First time using ironing press to dry the newly made paper
  • 26:07 – Star-shaped mold
  • 26:16 – Mold for making paper for a paper lamp
  • 26:42 – Live stream ends, but the audio continues!
  • 27:36 – About the current paper pulp mix
  • 29:16 – Photos of the dried sheets a paper made during the stream


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