This Short Video Answers All Major Questions About Our Corner Cutting Jigs

I’ve made this short video to show during bookbinding shows and fairs, as it answers all the major questions in just 30 seconds. However, I was a bit slow to share it. Don’t know why. In this post, you’ll finally see it on our website =)

Our corner cutting jigs are tailored to suit your projects and to be perfectly compatible with the materials you use. They are 3d-printed in a multitude of sizes and different shapes. The most popular and versatile is a jig with a vertical wall. However, there is a variation with an angled wall that allows cuts made at a 45-degree angle to the surface. As some bookbinders prefer to cut leather at an angle.

Most popular are the sets that include 3 or 4 different sizes. However, we have “classroom bundles” of 12 and 25 jigs as well. To make usage of the sets even easier, every jig has its size (thickness of the wall) imprinted on the surface. Jigs can be printed both in sizes designated in millimeters and inches.

If the video is not enough, you will find a longer post about our corner cutting jigs here.

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