Wonderful Triangles from Argentina

I’ve just received a package with corner cutting jigs from Argentina. Triángulo de la Felicidad (triangles of happiness, I suppose) is made of plastic. It has one of the classic designs when a truncated corner has a reinforcing crossbeam.

Hope it is not too much for you about corner cutting jigs at iBookBinding in the past weeks. But I couldn’t keep that thing to myself and decided to write about it right away. I have even got a special wonderful triangle edition =)

I like that simple and functional design. Earlier I thought that if you don’t have a chance to buy a jig that allows you to leave exactly that much material to correspond to your bookbinding board thickness and to cover the corner perfectly, that’s not a very convenient tool.

However, recently I’ve been learning more about my own corner cutting jigs and I understood there are many more ways of using them. One of the customers told me that he doesn’t necessarily need multiple sizes, because he always can make a cut with a larger jig and then make another parallel cut (that is much easier), to adjust fields. Or you can use the jig only to mark the cut with a pencil and cut later with a metal ruler. Then you can either cut following the line or parallel to that line.

Find more triangles of happiness here: https://www.facebook.com/triangulodelafelicidad/. They are made by a company founded by Norma Aml and Claudio De Natale in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They also offer many other bookbinding supplies. And the shop has a name inspired by these corner cutting jigs =)

Corner cutting jigs are available in a variety of designs. I’ve got the jigs as a present, but the current price is about $4.50. However, you should always check, because Argentine pesos may fluctuate quite unexpectedly.

Many thanks to Laura Aranda from Ushuaia who sent me these jigs!

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