Longer Signature Punching Tool. As in Folio Long

We are working on several modifications to our signature punching tool at the moment. If you have to work with larger books (like in folio), here is a version you might consider. And the price isn’t much higher compared to the smaller sizes!

The tools are split into two pieces and have to be assembled like a puzzle. This allows us to keep the price on par with the other sizes saving some 20 euro on shipping and handling on each tool.


Available sizes include:

  • 400 mm (15 3/4″),
  • 500 mm (19 2/3″),
  • and 600 mm (23 2/3″).

As usual, all of the holes are numbered for the ease of replication of the projects.

Let’s make bookbinding even more fun! =)

You can find the tool here: etsy.com/shop/iBookBindingStore

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