Looking for Bookbinding Tool Catalogues

Hi there, bookbinding people, bibliopegists, bibliophilists, bibliophiles and other kinds of bibliothings. My name is Mihai, and I run the Arta Cărții bindery in Bucharest, Romania.

Apart from being a bookbinder, I style myself as a researcher of books and bookbinding, and immensely enjoy finding out things, digging out bits and pieces of history, and forgotten names and dates.

Whenever I get an old book, I scan any interesting images from it, along with the ownership stamps. Photograph it head to toe and make rubbings from the cover if it s blind tooled, to save as much of the original before it goes back to the client.

This passion for old bookbinding tools brought me to my current research: gathering, comparing and cataloguing the very catalogues issued by various tool cutters.

My first catalogue of the kind was the one edited by Kevin Noakes, from BookBinDesigns. And then the one from P&S Engraving. After that I found some other online catalogues, of a lesser number of tools, cut by Aldos Grabados in Spain, J.B.-Alivon in Paris and Tom McEwan in Scotland.

I know many people in this field kinda collect stuff (to avoid saying hoard) and place lot for safekeeping (to avoid saying forget about them) so I’m making an appeal to them. If you have a catalogue of any old toolcutter, in any country, please contact me at [email protected] or on Facebook. If you won’t part with it, maybe you can part with a scan of it.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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