Massive Update at Our Bookbinding Tools Shop

These past days I’ve been working hard fulfilling some orders and adding new things to our shop. Several of my students asked me to make 2-in-1 book presses (with sewing frames included). I wanted to add this tool to the shop for quite a long time and here was an opportunity to finally make them and take some photos.

There are two versions available: with hooks for cord adjustment and without them.

However, there are many other new things we’ve added over past ten days. As an alternative to cheap aluminum L-shaped safety straight edge there is now a similar L-shaped brass straight edge. It is considerably more expensive, but I’ve already decided to use it myself, because it is heavier and I like it much more.

To add even more brass things, here are several different brass spacers. You can use them when positioning spine and cover boards in case binding. Or on any other occasion when you need a solid spacer that wouldn’t glue to materials you use. There are 4×4 mm, 6×6 mm, 8×8 mm, and 10×2 mm spacers available.

As a compliment to the 2-in-1 book press, there was also added a book press that comes without sewing frame elements. For any of these three book presses you can choose one of three thicknesses of the press plates: 2 cm, 3 cm, and 4 cm.

Another thing that was waiting to be added for a long time is a Medium Finishing Press #1. We had Small and Large versions for quite a long time, but there was nothing in the middle (both by size and price). And here it is =)

I have some ideas on improving Basic presses, that are the cheapest option at our shop. I’ve already 3d-printed some element and now I only need to receive my new 3d-printer to finish experiments. We’ll keep you posted!

If you think there’s something missing at our shop, feel free to suggest what we should add!

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