T-Shaped and L-Shaped Safety Straight Edges

After almost cutting off a piece of my thumb several years ago with my utility knife while preparing boards for a book, I became quite cautious when using sharp instruments. Moreover, always try to pass that idea to my students.

Since my first class in 2015, I give my students a simple T-shaped safety straight edges. They are pretty cheap and give me a sense of security for my students’ wellbeing. T-shaped straight edges are cut from a 2-meter aluminum section you can easily buy here in Moscow at any large hardware store.

Along with T-shaped straight edges, I make L-shaped safety straight edges. You may use them instead of T-shaped ones as a safety solution. However, they also allow making nice vertical cuts, or may be used to line up materials stacked in a pile. I would also align my square by setting it along that L-shaped straight edge.

Here I share my experience of crafting a simple box making jig with these L-shaped straight edges.

Recently I have started selling these safety straight edges at my Etsy store. They come in four sizes:

  • 31 cm (12″)
  • 51 cm (20″)
  • 61 cm (24″)
  • 100 cm (39″)

Here are the links:

I’m still not sure how shipping for the one-meter-long straight edge would work. Hope to find out pretty soon — with the first order =)

Do you use anything similar? Or do you prefer to buy mass-produced safety straight edges?

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