Bookbinding Gluing and Adhesive Tutorials

When it comes to bookbinding, one of the most commonly overlooked areas is the gluing process, so we’ve decided to put together a YouTube Playlist of the best book binding related gluing video tutorials we could find.

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** Note that videos shown above and below are works of other bookbinders and not the work of iBookBinding (these will come later…). I would recommend watching all video tutorials as they each demonstrate different techniques and offer helpful tips and advice throughout ***

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A summary of what you can expect to find in the video tutorials above:

How to Apply an Adhesive to Bookbinding and Case Making Materials

  • Superflex PVA glue – high polymer content overview
  • Applying glue to material
  • Working it into the material
  • Loading the brush with glue
  • Using a stabbing action to work glue into the center of the material
  • Working the edges of the material once the center has been worked
  • Turk’s head hollow glue brush overview
  • Identifying glue ridges
  • Removing surplus glue
  • Removing glue ridges a
  • Wet and dry side of the gluing pot
The Paper Studio – Gluing DemoHow to glue decorative papers onto bookbinding board

  • Selecting the correct brush and glue
  • Applying glue to back of decorative paper
  • Spreading glue onto paper
  • Brushing glue from the middle out towards the edges
  • Placing the backboard onto the glued paper
  • Trimming the corners for the fold-in
  • Using newsprint for pasting
  • Using a bone-folder to drag in sides of paper prior to folding onto board
  • Smoothing covers
Paper Source – Gluing DemoMixing PVA Glue and Methyl Cellulose

  • Best uses for PVA and Methyl Cellulose
    • Methyl Cellulose – Extending dry time without water, acid free
  • Recommended Bookbinding Projects for Methyl Cellulose
  • Mixing Water and Methyl Cellulose
    • Mix half with hot water, stir in the Methyl Cellulose
    • Add in cold water, mix and leave for 24 hours
  • Lifespan of methyl cellulose
  • Mixing in Methyl Cellulose and PVA Glue

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