Online Bookbinding Workshop: Long-Stitch Binding with Stubs for Single Pages, Sunday, the 6th of May, 2018

I was asked recently to run an online workshop on long-stitch binding with soft leather covers that would accommodate for single sheet pages. Hence the idea to make this binding with stubs.

This workshop is planned as a single 4-hour session. During technical pauses for drying and stuff, we will fulfill a smaller project a make a sort of a leather scroll with a paste-down single sheet of paper.

Please be advised there would be some tasks you will be asked to perform before the beginning of this class (one or more days earlier).

The live part of the course will take on the 6th of May, 2018. Starting time: 10 AM CDT / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CEST.

Live session will last for about 4 hours, but please allow for some additional time in the end. I plan to use Google Hangouts to have video streamed both ways.

I already have two students willing to join that class. However, the group may be a bit larger, and there are free spaces available.

Please enroll at Teachable:

Pricing: $75 for a 4-hour live online workshop. Materials not included =)

Students from EU will face an additional VAT during the checkout. Please reach me to find a solution to that problem.

You will need some simple bookbinding instruments, single pages, additional paper for stubs, two pieces of leather or bookbinding cloth, starch paste and PVA glue. The full list will be posted on the course page and will be available to the enrolled students.

I have run scores of workshops since I started to teach bookbinding. However, this is a first time I’m running a proper online live workshop. I had several shorter live streams, where I showed how to make endbands or perform some simple bookbinding tasks, but they always were one-way-streaming things.

So, let the new era begin!

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