Used Books Shop in a 16th-Century Cellar in the Old Town of Grasse, France

My wife had a business trip to the French town of Grasse. I came along to spend a weekend here and used this opportunity to visit an old books shop there.

Some people consider Grasse to be the French capital of perfumery. And to have an additional reference for bookish people, some events of Patrick Süskind’s novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer are happening here.

While my wife was working, I used the opportunity to drive around the French Riviera. But then I came to Grasse a bit early especially to visit a local used books store.

The thing about all these glamorous towns of French is that here you may find lots of rare books stores, but not so many used books stores. So, I had to drive north for the coast to visit one.

Le Moulin à Lire is located in the old part of the town. You go through all these small and narrow streets. And then, suddenly, after another turns you see the sign.

The old medieval building has an extensive cellar. And it has this unique smell of thousands of old books gathered together.

The proprietor was very helpful and found me a couple of bookish books. One about the Japanese paper, its history, production, and ways of use. Another about engraving. Both books are in French, so I have to improve my language proficiency a lot before I can read them…

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