Cotton with 1% Elastane – Would that Affect the Paper Made Out of It?

Every time I sell a papermaking mold, I make some recycled paper to test it. Initially, I used only some leftover paper like bills or misprints, but at some moment last autumn I added pieces of my old blue T-shirt and I loved the result!

Since that moment I tried to add parts of different used clothes to the mix. I even bought some new cotton cloth to widen the variety of colors. But here is the thing I haven’t tried to make paper with: my wife’s old jeans.

All of the previous clothes were 100% cotton. Even if they had some paint on the chest, I guess the percentage of the plastic material was insignificant.

The label states that the jeans are almost pure cotton. But there’s 1% of elastane added. Would that affect the paper in any major way?

Do you have any experience with handmade paper with larger quantities of plastic materials added?