Bookish Earrings with Marbled Covers in a Book Shop Next Door

Right opposite the entrance to our quarter in Leiden there’s an old books shop. In the window people walking by can see lots of book-earrings with marbled covers.

I already mentioned that shop before. Every Saturday the owner takes part in Leiden book market. There are only four stalls there and two vendors, but they occupy most of the length of the quarter.

There also are some funny cartoons on the entrance door of the shop:

A couple of weeks ago I chatted with the proprietor. As it appears, most of the books about bookbinding he sold me were from his mother’s collection.

She used to be a bookbinder, but now old age prevents her from more demanding tasks. Nevertheless, she continues to make these bookish earrings and brooches. All of them are real miniature books!

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