A Problem with Finishing Binding My Books

Almost during all my classes I have to face the same problem time after time: I almost never finish the book I’m making with my students.

Over the last year I had only one or two books finished. All other remain only halfway done (or even less). Some case bindings have book blocks and covers made, but not attached to each other. Even with simpler structures like Japanese binding I often have a book with stitching pattern left unfinished.

The reason is simple – closer to the end of the class I usually have to spend more time replying students’ questions and helping them to finish their projects. This leaves me no chance to finish my own.

The only true exception to the rule is my recent participation in classes for kids. Surprisingly, I have finished all the books I’ve been making with them!

What should I do with the unfinished books? Do you have any ideas? Some of them are useful as they are – as teaching objects. Some of them I finish later and give to my wife or friends. Still, I have dozens of unfinished books laying all around my shop!

If you are a bookbinding teacher, what is your own experience on the matter? I would really appreciate your input!

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