When Your Student Does a Better Job Than You

I love my students. They are smart. They are creative and inventive. They listen (and do not listen) and they always try to do their best. Yesterday I had another wonderful class, and I’m in a wonderful mood once again =)

This time I’ve taught them Coptic binding and French stitch binding. I had plans to show them long stitch binding also. However, 8-hour class seems to be not enough for three themes at once (not that this is the first time I come to that understanding). However, that didn’t stop one of the students, who came prepared, and had time both to fulfill everything I have asked and work on her own project.

Student’s Long Stitch Binding

Long stitch binding process and the book itself:

Coptic Binding and French Stitch Binding

Other student’s results (that was her first class with me):

Another Long Stitch Binding

That’s a travel journal my student have made on my other workshop a year and a half ago! It is almost full now! =)

Using a Punching Cradle

Hot Glue Gun & Bookbinding

Benefits of having bookbinding workshop and woodworking workshop in the same place. Using a hot glue gun to fix some elements on the book cover =)

Some more photos from the workshop:

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