Teaching Kids Bookbinding is Fun!

Last Saturday was the first day of a new series of bookbinding workshops I’m teaching at. This was an absolutely new experience for me because almost all the students are kids. 6 years old and up.

I’ve been teaching kids before. But these were workshops at some fairs or other events, where there always were lots of adults along with children. However, here the percentage of kids was overwhelming.

After all, the workshop went wonderfully! Each kid made a Coptic binding journal in two hours and everyone was happy with the results.

Until the end of May I have the same schedule — two hours on Saturdays. Looks like I will also be booked for the whole summer.

These classes are held as a part of Children’s Manege initiative by one of the major Moscow museums. Along with some other studios (comics, writing, translation, illustration and fonts), it forms a large six-week Book Workshop.

Initially I was a bit worried. Would they listen to me? Would they do what I ask them to do? Would that whole thing be interesting to them? In the end, all these stressful feelings appeared to be ungrounded. Two hours passed in a moment and everyone (besides me) have got a new journal for their creative project at the Children’s Manege.

I’ve got my teaching scheduled fixed for May. However, I would like to ask your advice: what are the fun bookbinding things that could be taught to children in under two hours? I would really appreciate your input!

Some more photos from one of the moms:


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