The First Book You Ever Made

Recent discussions with Mihai Vartejaru in Bucharest and with some other people made me to sift through my photo archive in search for the evidence of the first book I ever made.

As it happens, I remembered correctly that it was some sort of a gift. However, I have absolutely forgot all details.

That’s the book have I made 10 years ago. Feels strange…

That’s a collection of stories my uncle wrote for one of the Russian newspapers. I’ve printed it myself, found some recycled piece of leather and chose a pretty strange paper for the cover.

That’s by the way, my first 2-in-1 bookbinding press and sewing frame:


I still have it at my workshop =)

That is really surprising, but the book edges were cut quite well. I still don’t understand how have I done that!

Some offcuts here:


Leather piece for the spine. Some sort of old coat or purse was spent to make the book:


Just some ща my humble bookbinding possessions:


At that moment, I neither knew how the end sheets should be made, nor had understanding of how I should mask the cords:

However, these stitches on the back of the book look pretty creative (no endbands, as you can see):


Please share your first books in the comments below! That should be quite amusing!

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