Bookbinders’ Fair is Happening in Cologne This Sunday!

It was my dream for several years to visit the Bookbinders’ Fair in Sint-Niklaas (Belguim), and this April the dream came true. I had my personal stall there and it was even better than I thought it would be.

Here is a video review of the fair:

I also streamed online from Sint-Niklaas and you may find that video on Facebook:

But Now It’s Time to Go to the German Сity of Cologne!

Bookbinders’ Fair Cologne is made by the same people as the one in Belgium. As far as I understand, it’s a bit smaller than its counterpart in Sint-Niklaas. However, I don’t think that would spoil the weekend for me.

What’s even better, you may come over and join the crowd! Hope you will find time to visit the fair and say hi =)

What’s New?

I’ll be showcasing recent additions to my Etsy store: 3d-printed papermaking moulds and a book-scanning frame for smartphones.

Both moulds and frames will be sold at a nice discount. Something around 15% for the moulds and 25% for the frame.

I guess I’ll bring only several frames with me because some component materials (like museum glass) are quite expensive and I don’t want to overstock. For everyone who wouldn’t have a chance to buy the tools right away, I will offer preorders.

Moulds would be displayed only as samples because the main advantage of printing a papermaking frame (besides it’s low price) is that you can make them with watermarks with almost no increase of production costs.

All other tools and jigs will be offered at slightly lower prices than on Etsy. And you’ll save on shipping.

More Info

You can find more information on the Fair’s official page:

Schedule: Sunday 7 October 2018 / 11 AM – 5 PM

The event will take place at the Bürgerzentrum Engelshof
Oberstrasse 96
51149 Cologne (Porz-Westhoven)

Besides my discounts, you will find other participants offering something special this year:

Inden witten Hasewint (Henk de Groot)

  • Parchment cut rectangularly
  • Colored parchments
  • Parchments with small imperfections at marked down prices.
  • Skins of giant eels in black and brown

De Boekenmarkt – Boektotaal

  • Italian decorated papers: 5 sheets for 10 Euro (normally 2,25 Euro per sheet)

Nicola Denuell

  • Demonstrations of calligraphy; calligraphed cards and plates
  • New: handwritten umbrellas and coasters

Kalligrafiewerkplaats Ludo Versteijlen

  • Demonstrations of calligraphy
  • Template for drawing lines for various letter sizes
  • Handtied XXL reed pens (up to 14 mm)

Kashmir Heritage

  • Starter set for block printing for 34 Euro (5 Euro discount)
    • Mat
    • 2 dabbing sponges
    • Set of printing colors: black, white, red, blue, and yellow

Harmatan & Oakridge Leathers Ltd

  • Free bag with every leather skin purchased!

See you in Cologne!

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