All the Things I Use as Bookbinding Weighs

Well, this needs an explanation. So I will proceed in the clockwise order.

I’ve got the small weights on twelve hours from an old bookbinder’s collection back in Russia. They are 285 and 645 grams.

Next comes my bike chain. I have several and they weigh from 1,5 kg to 3 kg. Quite a weight! However, you always need not to forget to put something under, otherwise, they may leave an impression.

For the bricks, I 3d-printed these colorful encasements. And the bricks are approximately 3,5 kg each.

Soft weights and dumbbell weights I used a lot when I had regular bookbinding classes in my studio. Well, I took them with me to other locations as well. You can imagine how heavy my boxes and backpacks were 🙂

And I wrapped some of them in paper, so I wouldn’t mark the things I’m working on at the moment. Unwrapped weights just go on the wrapped if I need more pressure.

By the way, I also have sewn some soft weights on my mother-in-law’s sewing machine. They were filled with lead shot, BBs, and sand. Oh, lead is really heavy.

I also use heavy cutting boards. Mostly while making paper but in other situations as well.

The vintage press has quite a small opening for my projects. So I use it as a weight as often as a press. And it weighs more than 16 kg!

Lastly, my small collection of old irons. The long one is my favorite. And it weighs 6 kg 🙂

So, what weights do you use when making books and doing other bookish things?

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