Workbench of Ben Elbel from Elbel Libro

Every time I visit a bookbinder’s studio, I try to look for some ideas on how to improve my personal working space. So, that time when I visited Elbel Libro was not an exception. And what a wonderful workbench Ben has!

That’s the third Ben’s studio I’m visiting. Previous two were located in Amsterdam, but now he’s working in Haarlem. And from here he’s building his latest project Bookbinding out of the box.

This table is a new one. Ben ordered it to be made according to his sketches. It’s a steel frame, but it can be disassembled if need to move it arises.

Besides rigidity, another perk of the steel frame is that you can use lots of magnetic holders for all of your tools and other things. The major downside is the total weight of the bench. Thus the idea that it has to be possible to disassemble it.


But what I love the most about that workbench is that narrow shelf right under the surface of the table. It’s so smart that you can put materials and some of the tools there. I have only high shelves in my workbenches, and now I have to rebuild at least one of them!

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Photo by Ben Elbel

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