Just Burned My Blender While Making Recycled Paper

I had this blender since I don’t know when! Was it a wedding gift? I’m not sure. But it didn’t survive today’s attempt on making some more recycled paper. It overheated, and one of the moving parts broke.

Well, I knew it was overheating, and I usually gave it some time to rest when it was too hot. And when I forgot to do that, the safety system of the blender switched it off and didn’t allow to rerun it until it has cooled down.

Not this time. The video is shot a minute later when the smoke was almost gone…

Because the problem was a bit different, do you see this round white thing on the photo? It fits with the corresponding part of the blender’s base and it’s a part of the mechanism that transfers the power from the motor to the blades.

It is bolted to the cup’s pin, and it broke away. This cause motor running without any load at all, it overheated much faster than anyone could have imagined, and, yes, the motor burned.

On the brights side, I wanted a more powerful blender for quite some time. This one was only 500 W.

Shopping day tomorrow! I still have to make this paper =)

By the way, please don’t forget to power off your burning tools before trying to do anything with them. Even if there’s no visible fire. And stay safe!

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