Amazing Century-Old Book Industry Ads

Wow! What a mustached bookbinder! I just posted some images of decorated initials from Het drukkers jaarboek 1906 recently, but there is much more interesting in this series of books. And amazing book industry ads is one of these things.

Het drukkers jaarboek (The Printer’s Yearbook) is a four-volume edition that was published in Amsterdam in 1906-1911. There is a lot of interesting stuff in the books, even if you can’t read Dutch. All the issues are massively illustrated. But today I’d like to show you some examples of the book industry advertisements included in each of the tomes. And they occupy at least 30 pages every year!

I’m curious, how many of these firms are still working today? For example, Van Gelder Papier was established in 1685. But in 1982 the factory was closed to be relaunched in 1983 by other people as Crown Van Gelder. Here is only an image of their paper (with watermarks visible) reproduced in Het drukkers jaarboek, but in an earlier volume, they decided to include a proper sheet of their paper.

Then, there are type foundries here. It seems they know something about book industry representatives having a mustache.

Genzsch and Heyse type foundry from Hamburg was quite persistent in their advertisement. But, then what diversity and beauty!

Another German type foundry, J.G. Schelter and Giesecke, had survived WWII only to be nationalized by GDR government in 1946.

Oh, I love these initials!

And here is an ad of Dirk Schnabel’s cliches. Interesting combination of font and picture.

The mustached bookbinder from the top image was advertising the bookbinder Elias van Bommel year after year. Is that Elias himself on the ad? It may well be so. The design was created by a Dutch painter and designer Theo Molkenboer.

And that’s another bookbindery:


Electric machines! Wow!

What specially warms my heart is that H. Berthold offered Russian type. Was there a demand for them in the Netherlands 100 years ago?

I wanted to add this last one just because it was printed on different paper, compared to most of the other ads. Just like the Van Gelder Papier advertisement. Unfortunately, my photos will not give the best representation of it, but I tried.

Where to find such beauty in our digital age?

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