Het drukkers jaarboek 1906 (The Printer’s Yearbook, 1906)

Between 1906 and 1911 four yearbooks about printing were published in Amsterdam. They were intended to stimulate a broader and more logical interpretation of the art of printing. J.W. Enschedé, a member of a printing family, authored four out of 9 articles for this first volume, including a text about the American printer Theodore Low de Vinne. Other topics in this issue include decorated initials, modern book art in Germany, matters of typefaces, and more.

Hardcover, 1906, 202pp. + approx. 30pp. ads., countless illustrations, and amazing chapter decorated openers.

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The volume is in Dutch, but multiple amazing illustrations make it interesting for a wider audience. Below we share some of the scanned elements from the chapter, devoted to decorated initials:

There are some modern initials as well:

The book was digitized with the use of our book scanning frame: