iBookBinding Book Scanning Frame: Now For Miniature Books

Our collection of book scanning frames now includes one more size designed for miniature books. We cover almost everything from small, for books up to 13×18 cm, and up to extra large that can accommodate tomes as large as 28×36 cm.

The reason I had to add one more size is that when you put a small book on a larger frame, its pages occupy only a small fraction of the image taken with the smartphone’s camera. Thus, the resulting resolution of the digitized book is far from perfect.

As I’m constantly using and testing all modifications of book scanning frames sold by iBookBinding, I have firsthand experience and use every opportunity to make the designs better. But one can do only so much with images which have 1500 pixels on the longest side, or even less. I prefer to keep that value at least at 3000 pixels. This guarantees high-quality scans.

Here is an example of how a small book looks when processed on a large frame (on the left). And on the right the same book is placed on the small book scanning frame. After processing, the resulting resolution will be 4 times higher (3000 pixels on the long side):

Along with the new size of the frame, we added another optional item. Now you may order an additional top part for smaller books with your book scanning frame. It will nicely fit the larger cradles and allow you to get the best quality.

Next things I’m thinking about is designing an even smaller frame for really miniature editions.

You will find our book scanning frame and all the optional items for the frame here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BonefolderClub?section_id=25381151

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