Just Can’t Stop Buying Guillotine Paper Cutters!

I have to confess: every time I see a guillotine paper cutter on a flea market, I can’t just pass by. So, after this Saturday I now have three of them!

Guess – which one was the cheapest and which was the most expensive?

But here is the thing. See these bolts on the smallest cutter? I can’t really decide how they have been used? I guess for some sort of protection, but how exactly?

On all the cutter I used before the safeguard was located on the table, not on the blade…

What do you think?

I plan to 3d-print the missing element when I finally figure out what the should be!

By the way, in the Russian language, they are called ‘saber cutters’ and the word ‘guillotine’ goes only with cutters that have a blade coming down vertically.

Updated on February 18th, 2019: Oh, I found it!

You can see how it should work here: https://encheres.catawiki.eu/kavels/21026537-coupe-papier-et-tire-bouchon-fer-fonte-fer-forg-art-d-co

That’s quite a smart system!