Adelene Koh: Probably the Only Bespoke Bookbinder of Singapore

Adelene Koh is one of the winners of the first Open•Set Competition; she also received a Highly Commended Certificate of the Designer Bookbinders’ Bookbinding Competition for two years in a row in 2014 & 2015.

She is also the person behind the dddots bookbinding studio, that is what seems to be the only bespoke bookbinding workshop in Singapore.

In this video, she talks about her path to becoming a bookbinding master, and about her teachers: Mark Cockram and Yo Yamazaki. You will also see some of the Adelene’s bindings.

I love the sound production of the video. All these small noises that are so dear to any bookbinder are represented here. Creaking of a bookbinder’s press; murmur, cracking, and hissing of paper being processed by an artisan and so much more!

The video was produced by National Library Board Singapore for their CANVAS/S project that features different art forms in a series of events.

As a bonus, here is another video with Adelene, made two years ago:

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