Bookbinding in Hawaii by Angaea Cuna – From Sculpture to Artist’s Books [Bookish Talk #20]

With this episode of our Bookish Talk, it was the first time for us when we mixed up not only the time difference with the guest but even the date. That happened because Angaea Cuna is a book artist living in Hawaii. We arranged our Zoom call for Friday. Pavel and I joined the call in the morning and spent some 15 minutes worrying if anything happened to Angaea. Luckily pretty soon, we realized that while it was Friday morning in Moscow and Versailles, it still was Thursday evening in Hawaii. So, we had to repeat the next day!

Angaea Cuna is a sculptor, designer, educator, and bookmaker. This is the first part of our talk, and there will be two more of them. Here we discuss how she started making books, found her first tools on a low budget, and talk about some of her first artist’s books.

And we’ll return to Angaea in a couple of weeks for the second part of our talk!



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00:00 – Beginning
01:19 – From sculpture to book arts
02:57 – Acquiring first equipment and tools on a low budget
05:30 – Creative approach to bookbinding and bookbinding tools
07:54 – Mastering the craft
10:06 – Where Angaea plans to take her art and craft next?
11:25 – Curating exhibitions
12:26 – Angaea’s first artist’s book
15:31 – Current projects
19:09 – Angaea’s clients / Telling a story / Valuing your work
26:25 – Angaea’s support system / Arts and crafts markets on Hawaii



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