Ideas for the New Season of Bookbinding Classes

This October marks the beginning of the third year I’m teaching bookbinding. Being a bookbinder for almost a decade, I have never thought to give lessons. Well, at least before a friend of mine asked me to show her and her photography colleagues some basics on how to make photo-books.

A new season begins for me in a new studio, that I still have to furnish before the 2nd of October, when the first class takes its place. I plan to add some new subjects to the pool of classes (‘Crafting simple bookbinding tools and instruments’, for example).

That’s why I wanted to ask you:

Which bookbinding course subjects seem to be interesting for you? I mean both as a student, and/or as a teacher, if any bookbinding masters would like to share their opinion here.

Last season I had some simple introductory courses. Things like Coptic binding and long-stitch binding classes. French binding; introduction to book repair and restoration; box making. And some niche courses like ‘sketchbooks for watercolorists’ and travel books (yes, you’ve guessed, for travelers =))

Please share links to bookbinding classes and workshops that you like. In your area or elsewhere. It will also allow me to update the lists of bookbinding workshops and classes at There are lists for 15 countries available at the moment, and I hope to add more regions.

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