Sketchbook Makeover: A Simple Change

Last month a relative from the US was staying with us at our apartment here in Moscow. On one of the last days she asked me if I can make her sketchbook look a bit better. It was an ordinary black notebook (like Moleskin), with black spine lining, black covers and black magnetic fastener.

I offered her a choice of bookbinding cloths I had on stock at the moment and she chose a colorful one, a friend of mine have brought me from the Western Africa (it wasn’t a bookbinding cloth initially, of course =)).

Unfortunately, I absolutely forgot to make some photos before the change. However, you can see how the sketchbook looks now. I had to tear the covers from end-leafs a bit, to tuck in the new cloth.

I wouldn’t claim it to be some fancy bookbinding project. It is what it is – a fast makeover that took less than 30 minutes (OK, and a night for drying).

I just wanted to say, it sometimes surprises me how these small changes can absolutely alter an object.

Maybe you had a similar experience? Please share if you have some photos in your archive!