Paper, Leather, Cloth: How Do You Store It?

OK, I need help! I need some ideas! Just look what happens at our living room (my workshop), when I’m working!

I don’t have a proper place to store paper, cloth, and stuff. i have some shelves for instruments and smaller things. One of them is reserved for storing leather (in rolls), but I don’t like that arrangement either.

I also store paper and bookbinding cloth in rolls, and that’s not a perfect solution. Cloth not prepared for binding (without Japanese paper backing) is in the box on a shelf.

The problem is, I don’t have enough space to put a proper drawer or something like that here. Maybe there are some other ways I don’t know about?

I would really appreciate your advice! Please share ideas and photos of your workshop and paper/cloth/leather storage =)

Now it is even messier because I’ve taken all the old cloth from the inside my 40-year-old treadle sewing machine.

I’ve set up a holder for one of the paper rolls, but all other rolls are just standing in the corner:

Here is a small teaser for my next post about soft weights:

2016.09.13 - 08 - Paper, Leather, Cloth How Do You Store It

And these guys are living under my secondary table =)

2016.09.13 - 09 - Paper, Leather, Cloth How Do You Store It