My Bookish Books Collection (And My Approach to Building It)

Whew! I have finally finished cataloging my collection of books, magazines, and ephemera dedicated to bookish things. If you’d like some of them to be digitized and posted here, please leave a comment below. Here is the link: Just keep in mind that I upload only books that already are public domain. Meaning that most of the books published after the 1920s are out of bounds (not all, however.)

It looks like this quarantine helped this process in two ways. First, I finally found some time to sit with the books and input the missing volumes to the database. Next, there was no chance of buying new books in the past few weeks.

When we moved to the Netherlands, I left most of my books back in Moscow. And the absolute majority of those books were works of SciFi with some addition of philosophy, mythology, and history.

95% of the volumes in my current collection are books bought during these two years that passed since the move. I found most of them here in the Netherlands. Fortunately, we moved to the country with some notable and not too expensive old books markets like the one in The Hague.

However, while I limited most of my purchases to books about books, this still means that the collection is quite hectic, as I bought mostly the books I found at markets and in old books shops. I almost never buy books searching for a specific title or edition. At least not yet. Except for some new books.

On the other hand, this makes me love my collection even more, as it includes some funky objects.

So, what’s your approach to building your book collection?

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