iBookBinding Opens Access to Its Collection of Books About Book Arts

To give our community more opportunities to learn something about book arts and book history during the pandemic and lockdowns, we decided to open the part of our digitized collection that before was shared only with our patrons. This adds dozens of books to our old PDF collection of more than 100 books that is free since 2017.

Previously, the newly accessible books were shared with our patrons at Patreon.com as a part of the compensation for their monthly pledges.

The collection includes vintage books and magazines dedicated to book and printing history in different languages. I urge you to check even the books published in the languages you do not know, as many of them have quite impressive illustrations.

To access the books, please use the following link: https://issuu.com/stepanchizhov

The collection will remain open during the coming months. New books will be added according to the standard schedule (2-3 books per month.)

If you’d like to become our patron, you can always join our community on Patreon. However, starting on the 1st of April, all pledges will be frozen during the global pandemic and even for several more months after it ends. No payments will be processed during this period.

All of the books were scanned with our book scanning system for smartphones that is available for sale at our Etsy shop.

And here is the most recent addition to the collection, Hints on illuminating with an essay on the art of ornamenting in gold or metals : describing a new and easy method of brilliantly and durably imitating the illuminated gilding of the Middle Ages by Henry Montanell Lucien (1862, London: J. Barnard and Son):

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