New iBookBinding Logo enters the new year with a new logo. I wanted to share with you why we have decided to change the old logo and how the new one was created. was launched more than three years ago. It had a very different design at that moment. However, as with the current theme, it was just another WordPress theme. And that’s where the original logo takes its origin. That circle with stitches on the fringe was an adapted logo provided with a free WordPress theme.

I’d say, I liked the logo, however, I wanted iBookBinding to have something more special and unique. And recently an opportunity came to run an educational project with a friend of mine and his student at Design School of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) here in Moscow.

Aleksandra Parkhomenko is a graphic designer & illustrator and a student at HSE. You can find her other works at her Behance page. Her curators were Stefan Lashko and Ivan Yakushev, members of the ESH gruppa — a team of graphic designers based in Moscow.


Here is one of the initial stages. With some inspiration from the Guild of Book Workers and Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild and their joint Sewing Presentation.

2017-01-01-first-version-of-the-new-logoThe initial idea was to bring different bookbinding stitches and styles on one book shelf. This may be less of  a fine binding thing. However, I loved the variety of geometrical patterns from the first glance.

And here comes the first version of the logo:

Further development:

After some discussions and more design work undertaken by Aleksandra we had a logo version 2:



And the final logo:

Hope you like it =)

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