iBookBinding: A Year in Review

It was an interesting and challenging year. Book industry is still looking for a balance between the electronic and traditional media. Bookbinders in developing countries are searching for a solid ground to rely upon. Bookbinding as a hobby attracts more and more people in the first world countries. All in all, it feels like the codex will survive for at least some time.

This year at least one new competition was successfully launched — OPEN•SET by the American Academy of Bookbinding. A collective of wonderful bookbinders was chosen to be the winners. The other competitions have also gave us a chance to see beautiful new bindings.

I’d like to make a prognosis. A long-term prognosis to be exact. In a world of electronic media and mass produced goods it may seem that handcrafted things should become less popular, less available even obsolete. However, I think that wider spread of AI operated companies and robotic powered productions would free many people. Combined with development of the universal minimal wage projects being rolled out in different countries, we’ll get more people free to pursue their hobbies.

At least, that’s what I hope for. I’m sure, that not everybody would want to make things with their own hands. However, I’m sure there will be more craftsmen who doesn’t have enough time for crafts now, and will be freed in the future.

As for the status and prospects of development of the iBookBinding project, it grows constantly. I am always looking for new ways of bringing happiness and knowledge to bookbinders and book lovers all over the world.

This year almost 140,000 people have visited our web site, and I am grateful to every one of our readers.

Past autumn iBookBinding has launched a Patreon campaign that allows our followers to pledge regular donations (starting with a minimal $1 monthly pledge). If you like iBookBinding and can spare amount of money equal to the cost of just one cup of coffee per month, please follow this link to join our patrons.

This year was also important for the iBookBinding Etsy store. My presses and sewing frames were sold locally for over two years now. However, past January I have started shipping tools all over the world. Clients of iBookBinding reside in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Russia, USA and UK. I hope to add more countries to the list next year and offer more tools with every coming month.

Hopefully, next year posts in Portuguese will return to our web site. There are many other plans. I’ll try to bring them all to life!

If you have any ideas on how to make iBookBinding better or if you want to volunteer and support iBookBinding, just send us a message. Moreover, please share and like our posts on social network — that really helps a lot!

Happy New Year!

PS You may glimpse a new iBookBinding logo on the top photo. More details coming in the beginning of the 2017 =)

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